Mars Antennas

MARS Antennas & RF Systems is an Israeli based company, established in 1994, specializing in providing customized antenna technology and RF solutions, from design to production.
MARS has unsurpassed expertise in developing and manufacturing a wide span of products and solutions for WLL, In-Building Cellular, PCS, AVL, GPS and highly demanding, military applications.
MARS' advanced, in-house testing facilities include two state of the art antenna ranges.

Antenna Products

Flat panel (Base Station and Subscriber) for WLL and Wireless Access applications.
In-building antennas and repeaters for Cellular solutions.
Embedded (Internal) for hand-held devices, point-of-sale devices, wireless modems and W-LAN.
GPS active antennas for AVL and Time & Location systems.
Military broadband for ECM and ECCM applications, ranging from MF to HF and high microwave bands.
Microstrip arrays, sector arrays, dipoles, log-periodic, log-spiral, wire, waveguide horns, conformal and other special antennas.

RF Sub-Systems and Solutions

Innovative Cellular Solutions, such as Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDA), Filters, Traffic Control Attenuators (TCA), Active Filters for interference suppression. Custom Front-Ends (TX-RX to IF), custom couplers, T/R switches (also PIN), boosters.
High Power Amplifiers (HPAs) of up to 3 GHz in FET, GaAs, Bipolar technologies with a low noise figure and a high dynamic range MIL SPEC transmitters and amplifiers up to 1 KW in HF, VHF, and UHF bands.


Integrated Radio and TV broadcasting stations, repeaters and other communication systems.
Broadband ECM systems, for stationary, mobile and airborne applications.

Fast deployment MW / HF Antenna System for Disaster Areas.


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Antena techo interior multibanda de 2 a 6 dBi.
28,45 €


Antena Panel Sectorial para la frecuencia de 4.9-6.1 GHz con 17 dBi de ganancia, 60º de apertura y polarización dual
335,80 €


Antena Sectorial de 15dBi para 5.x a 6.1 gHz con 120º de apertura.
235,00 €

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